Sometimes you meet important strangers, isn’t it…?

…who leave painful incompleteness after they gone

It happens, isn’t it? Suddenly from nowhere one fall into your life – straight in the depth of heart. And he becomes the reason for you to shine or frown; becomes required; becomes an important stranger…

Sun starts rise up and go down with the thoughts of him, a pleasant addiction that blows your mind 24 hours a day, flying mood for some unknown time, during which you don’t even notice how you estrange from the ex-important ones. But you don’t care! At all! Cause you are happy with every single cell of your body, cause you don’t need more…

And when you stuck in the middle of “dream-reality” crossroad, he lapsed, vanished — leaving after him equally important emptiness, accumulating bitterness. So, come on, keep smiling, when inside you can feel only painful incompleteness…

What I am saying is — let this not happen anymore -_-

Մանրամասները anulikk
I always try to be positive

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