Mkhitaryan’s transfer to Manchester United: What can he bring to the English side?

During summer transfer window Manchester United announced one of the team’s big transfers – Henrikh Mkhitaryan joining The Red Devils from Borussia Dortmund. Jose Mourinho had been eyeing Armenian international long before being appointed as United’s new Manager: he had been spotted at the Borrussia’s away game against Herta.

Since Sir Alex Ferguson’s departure, Manchester United suffered not its best years under David Moyes and Louis Van Gaal. However, with the Portuguese Manager, along with his new signings, hopes are rising among United fans. Jose announced only four names as summer transfer achievements, but these names leave no doubt about the contribution they shell bring to the side. It’s the quality against quantity. With the players like Paul Pogba and Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Real Madrid’s former Manager will not have troubles creating his winning mentality within his new pals.

Being a versatile midfielder who can perform both on the flanks and in the center, Mkhitaryan fits perfectly to the Premier League style. His last season performance leaves no doubt about his qualities as he was named the Player of the season in Bundesliga. The fact that he was chosen by his fellow players, highlights it bold. The number of his goals and assists were phenomenal, given the fact that he is not even a striker!

Mourinho had stated not once that 4-2-3-1 is his favorite formation, where captain of Armenian National Team may feature as N10, or in any other position of the three behind the center forward. Of course, depends whom Mourinho sees for the rest. Mkhitaryan has proved his playmaker skills on the field, but also shined as a right-winger on his last season for German side. With a formation 4-3-3, with no nominal N10 behind the center forward, will create space which can be filled by Mkhitaryan joining attacks from the right flank into the box.

In his three pre-season games against Wigan, Borussia and Galatasaray Henrikh performed brilliantly winning the love of United fans right there. However, he is still awaited to start with MU in the newly started Premier League, where, so far, he has only come onto the pitch from the bench. The rising question ‘Why Mkhitaryan doesn’t start’ was hushed by Jose that it is a matter of options and that Juan Mata was a ‘better option’ at those particular matches.

Portuguese Manager has assured that Armenian international will be given his opportunity to prove his place in the starting 11. Opportunity, which Micky will surely not miss to bring his contribution to his new football family, after recovering an unlucky injury on his international duty with Armenia.

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